Professional Artificial Hedge Fence Wholesale & Faux Fence Greenery Factory In China

Interested in importing artificial hedge fence and faux privacy hedge at wholesale prices? 18+ years of artificial hedge manufacturing experience, GreenArtPlants is a industry pioneer to satisfy your bulk order demand.

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UV Treated or Fire-rated Optional

Based on needs, all hedges panels can be made with UV stabilized PE and pass the fire test.

3-5 Years Outdoor & Indoor Use

The beautiful natural appearance can be kept for a long time both indoors and outdoors.

Guaranteed Quality

All made of 100% fresh PE and recycle materials. SGS test reports provided.

Artificial Hedge Fence Category

Factory Supply Faux Boxwood Panels

Factory Supply Faux Boxwood Panels

Minimum Order: 200sqm

This is the most popular of GreenArtPlants's export products and has up to 99% leaf coverage density, making it ideal for wall and fence decoration. Also contains the following features:

  • ALL Fresh PE Made
  • Ranges of Boxwood Foliage Styles
  • UV Engineered
  • Fire Retardant Optional

If you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

Attractive Artificial Vertical Garden Design

Attractive Artificial Plant Wall Design

Minimum Order: 200sqm

Artificial hedges panels are more selective than boxwood panels and we manufacture them with different leaf types according to market demand.

  • Heavy-metal Free
  • UV Treated or Fire-rated Optional
  • Over 3 years Outdoor Warranty & 5 years Indoor Warranty
  • SGS Tests Reports Provided

If you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

Artificial Plant Wall

Artificial Vertical Garden Mats for Fencing

Minimum Order: 100sqm

GreenArtPlants Vertical Garden stands out for its high-quality UV protection and flame retardant features. over 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience give us the strength and confidence to provide the best quality service and original designs.

Here you can find over 100 designs to meet local market needs and preferences, let GreenArtPlants help your business!

If you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

Artificial Framed Plants for Indoor Decor

Artificial Framed Plants for Indoor Decor

Minimum Order: 200pieces

The artificial framed plant wall is derived from the traditional decorative painting, showing a more three-dimensional and wonderful effect. The framed plant wall has diversity, mixing simulated plants, moss, rocks, branches, and other materials to meet different aesthetic needs.

Frame material, size, and shape can be customized, get a quote now!

If you have been eyeing this series or have more requirements, you can contact us directly for a quotation now.

Artificial Hedges in the Planter with Wheels

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Planter

The boxwood hedge planter, it is made up of 2 parts: Boxwood Frame and WPC planter. It is mainly used for keeping privacy or as an event backdrop. They can stand alone as a privacy protector, space divider, or backdrop without relying on walls or fences.

  • 100% Fresh New PE Materials with SGS Certificate
  • UV Treated, Fire Retardant & Waterproof Functions
  • Withstand Harsh Weather for A Long Time
  • Can Be Movable or Not
  • Designed to Be Commercial Grade

There are many designs for choices and if you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

Artificial Ivy Trellis & Rolls

Best Artificial Ivy Trellis & Rolls Supplier here!

Minimum Order: Expandable Ivy Trellis 500pcs/Ivy Fence Rolls 400pcs

Expandable willow trellis and Ivy fence rolls are two main ivy fence categories of GreenArtPlants. They request nearly zero maintenance for outdoor use and will handle all of it for you to cover unsightly views or screen surroundings to create private gardens.

If your business is home improvements, garden landscaping, etc, artificial ivy is the product of choice to boost the local needs.

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