Bulk Sourcing Artificial Hedge Trellis & Rolls And Increasing Privacy By Expandable Faux Fence

Interested in importing artificial hedge trellis & faux ivy fence roll at wholesale prices? With over 18 years of artificial hedges manufacturing experience, GreenArtPlants is a reliable supplier of expandable faux privacy fences in China to satisfy your bulk order need.

Artificial Ivy Trellis & Rolls

Expandable willow trellis and Ivy fence rolls are two main ivy fence categories of GreenArtPlants. They request nearly zero maintenance for outdoor use and will handle all of it for you to cover unsightly views or screen surroundings to create private gardens.

If your business is home improvements, garden landscaping, etc, artificial ivy is the product of choice to boost the local needs.

Minimum Order: Expandable Ivy Trellis 500pcs/Ivy Fence Rolls 400pcs

If you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

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