Professional Artificial Flowers Supplier In China, Wholesaling High-Quality Artificial Flowers

As a professional artificial flowers manufacturer & supplier in China, we could satisfy your bulk order requirements for a range of artificial flower derivatives. You will import high-quality artificial flower products at a wholesale price from us and enjoy a satisfactory cooperation experience.

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UV Treated or Fire-rated Optional

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3-5 Years Outdoor & Indoor Use

The beautiful natural appearance can be kept for a long time both indoors and outdoors.

Guaranteed Quality

All made of 100% fresh PE and recycle materials. SGS test reports provided.

Artificial Plants & Flowers Category

Lifelike Plastic/Silk Flowers Bulk Supply

Lifelike Plastic/Silk Flowers Bulk Supply

Minimum order: 200 boxes (regular single stylish fake flowers)

GreenArtPlants, as a professional supplier of faux flowers, can supply realistic PE or silk flowers for interior decoration needs. We offer exclusive styles and varieties according to local market demand and preferences.

Regular single artificial fake flowers include bulk artificial hydrangeas, orchids, roses, and peonies, etc. For orders of different flowers feel free to ask for details and submit your request.

If you have any custom design requests, feel free to get in touch!

Wedding and Holiday Set

Wedding and Holiday Set - Preserved / Artificial Garlands and Wreaths

For festival and event venue decoration, wreaths and garlands are essential to create beautiful scenes, and GreenArtPlants's professional design team offers a wide range of original designs to meet a variety of needs, such as weddings, Christmas-themed artificial flower sets, and more.

Searching for more varieties? Submit your sourcing requests to us. We will assist you with procurement and quote soon!

If you have been eyeing this series or have more requirements, you can contact us directly for a quotation now.

Artificial Flower & Plants Baskets

Exclusive Design Artificial Flower & Plants Baskets

Minimum Order: 50 pieces

GreenArtPlants's wide range of artificial hanging baskets, in a variety of sizes, plant combinations, and colors, brings indoor and outdoor landscapes to life.

For more details or a price list, contact us now!

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