Professional Faux Leaf Branches And Spray Factory To Supply Stunning Artificial Leaf Branches

Interested in importing faux leaf branches & spray at wholesale prices? With over 18 years of artificial leaves manufacturing experience, GreenArtPlants is a reliable supplier of faux leaf branches & spray in China to satisfy your bulk order need.

Artificial Foliage Sprays with Multi-use

GreenArtPlants manufactures a wide range of artificial leaves that can be flexibly added to artificial plant walls or potted plants for different interior and exterior design needs. This also offers designers, architects, event planners, and business owners the possibility to customize their own styles.

Current styles include artificial ivy, artificial fern, artificial bay leaf, artificial reed grass, and more available for purchase. With the efforts of our professional design and R&D team, more new products to look forward to are in the planning stage.

If you have been eyeing this series or have more requirements, you can contact us directly for a quotation now.

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