Artificial Potted Plants for Interior Decor Project

Have you ever wondered what the next big thing in home decor will be?
Artificial potted plants are taking interior decor by storm! This is because they are sur

How To Make Artificial Plants Look More Real

In this article we will show you how to make these "fake" plants look more realistic. In addition, we will tell you how to avoid them being looked old and worn out. So get ready to make your own little artificial greenery that will make your guests(or

Ultimate Buying Guide of Artificial Hedge in Planter 2022

It is an ideal choice of dividing any space you would like using this easy-to-move artificial hedge in planters, both interiors, and exteriors.If you have any custom design requests, Welcome to contact us thru [email protected]

Rich Experience In The Exhibitions

Sunwing has taken part in some famous exhibitions for several times such as China Import And Export Fair, Shanghai Dongfeng TEX. Participating in the exhibit

Artificial Hedges Transform Dull Wall Into The Fantastic

Home decoration industry always leaves an impression of high-end, fancy. When the furniture are put in the showroom, in order to exhibit their value, most pe

Artificial Boxwood Wall Is A Quickest Method For Wall Landscaping

Nowadays, people are bored of indoor working environment and life. They try to remedy the nature by buying some small pottings. However, these real vegetatio

Artificial Hedges For Front Porch Decor

Not all of us can be born with green fingers, or have enough time to nurture them. For those who get tired of droopy blooms and wilted foliage, using artific

Professional Sales Team

Founded in 2004, Sunwing has had a brilliant success.Our superiority is the professionalism of our sales team. Our team members are from different countries

UV Rated Artificial Boxwood

Under new management, this historic property went through a multi-million dollar renovation. The main pedestrian entrance and adjoining existing landscape wa

Boxwood Hedge Backdrop

Brilliantboxwood hedgewall adorned with soft gold woodwork and gorgeous papered sides that set our hearts aflutter. Artificial hedges for wedding decoration.

Faux Boxwood Hedges

Faux boxwood hedges really are the perfect solution for instantly greening your home, office or shop. From the time you get them they are ready to go, super

How to tell apart a low quality artificial hedge

Why do quality hedges matter?When you purchase artificial hedges, you expect them to last more than a few years to beautify your home or business. Quality ma



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