Ultimate Buying Guide of Artificial Hedge in Planter 2022

12-06-2021 Blog

Ultimate Buying Guide of Artificial Hedge in Planter 2022

Artificial Hedge in planter is a 3D wall that is usually used as a wall or fence to make a private space or decorate a room.it has become one of the main ornaments in gardens. In fact not only the garden, from the airport to the hotel, from the office to the restaurant, from the street to the mall, but it is also everywhere. So, how to choose the artificial hedge in planter that suits you? Let us tell you.

What are the conventional structures?

Sunwing has these two structures for our Boxwood Hedge with Planter:
  1.  WPC bottom +mesh stand +artificial boxwood mats
  2.  Mesh stand+ artificial box hedges panels

Do u need Wheels or a handle to make it easy to move?

The planter is enormous and challenging to move about, so we installed four wheels on the bottom (2 directional wheels + 2 universal wheels) to make it easier to move! The handle is generally installed on the side. 
Wheels and handles can be added to all planters except the one without a box. the wheels are exposed, measuring at about 0.8” (2cm), the height of which can be optional. Tell us if you have any needs for this. Of course, not all customers require wheels, as a result, we can work together to find out the best solution for your hedges in planters before purchasing.


How to choose among different planter boxes?

As the picture shows below, for planter boxes, we offer three choices for different clients and markets:  
  1. the stainless steel planter box
  2. the wood planter box
  3. the WPC planter box
According to application occasions:
1. metal planter box is cheap and lightweight, easy to install, But it can easily rust when left outside, Also needs padding (e.g. sandbags) to keep it stable.
2. the wood planter box is easy to mobility and carry, However, it is very susceptible to corrosion and if it is located in a humid climate, the box can easily rot and become moldy.
3. WPC planter box is durable and UV resistant, waterproof, and corrosion resistant, The only disadvantage is that it is hard to transport and move around.
Each of the three products has its own advantages and disadvantages but the best value for money is the third one----WPC planter box.
You can choose according to your requirements. Which one do you prefer?

How to Assemble the Artificial Hedge in Planter?

For HPA001-BC, you need to secure with plastic string. We have updated the HPA001-NC artificial box hedges; the original plastic straps have been exchanged for more easily fit rivets. Watch this video for a more visual idea of how to install artificial privacy planters. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff for assistance!

How long do Artificial Hedge in planters last?-Regular vs. Sunwing

Regular Lifespan:
Artificial hedges planter is often available for 2 years in the market. The color of the leaves will gradually fade as time goes.
The lifespan of Sunwing Hedges Planters:
All artificial hedge mats are made of fresh PE, with the certifications of Anti-UV, CA65, and Heavy Metal-Free offered if you need them.
Sunwing industries ltd. offers a 3-5 indoor and 5-year outdoor warranty.
Ps. Adaptive temperature: -98℉~212℉

How to Choose the Best Artificial Hedge in planter?

There are many different types of planters on the market, our best sellers are the following three.

Artificial Hedge In Planter HPA001

Leaves: Milan Leaf, 100% fresh new LDPE
Base: WPC plate and iron
Size: L100, W25, H100cm & Customization
The regular artificial boxwood planters can’t be folded, taking up space in the cabinet, and spending more on shipping costs! Compared to new fake hedges planter is more outwardly intact, with no fading of the leaves!
  1.  Target customers: Construction; Complete appearance required; No installation desired
  2.  Application area: Area lack of privacy and no need to move frequently.

2. Artificial  boxwood hedge with planter HPA001-BC 

Foldable & installation
Leaves: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
Base: WPC plate and iron
If you are working for an event, needs to be used in various scenarios, transport and installation frequently, fordable package fake box hedges are perfect for you. Dissembled into three parts, space-saving storage!
  1. Target customers: Event rental & Wedding decoration; Requires frequent disassembly for transport.
  2. Application area: Wedding decoration, privacy protection at significant events.
Note that due to its collapsible nature, one carton can hold more faux boxwood in planters. The leaves may be slightly crushed and fall off during transport.

3. Free-standing Boxwood Hedge without planter HPA001-NC

Free-standing & Bulk transport & requires installation.
Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
Size: 95*95*25cm; Special sizes can custom
Can fold for bulk shipping to save on shipping costs. Artificial box hedges without planters are recommended if you have a better planter installer in your area.
  1. Target customers: Landscape & outdoor entertainment venues
  2. Application area: Swimming pool & garden for privacy

Why choose GreenArtPlants?

With over 18 years of artificial hedge in planter manufacturing experience, GreenArtPlants is a reliable supplier of artificial boxwood hedge in planters in China to satisfy your bulk order need. Our products can do the following below:

1.100% Fresh New PE Materials with SGS Certificate
2. UV Treated, Fire Retardant & Waterproof Functions
3. Withstand Harsh Weather for A Long Time
4. Designed to Be Commercial Grade

We are a company that values customers' satisfaction. After 10 years of accumulated experience in the production and export of artificial hedge in planters, GreenArtPlants gives the answer as to why we were chosen.

Factory Output Capacity

1.10,000sqm Warehouse + 5,000sqm workshop
2. more than 200 machines and hundreds of molds.
3. about 100,000 square meters of the monthly output of artificial plants
4. OEM / ODM manufacturing Strict Quality Control

Our company builds a set of standardized inspection processes from incoming inspection, IPQC, FQC to loading supervision to ensure the final product quality.

Complete After-sales System

When problems occur, GreenArtPlants is always proactive in solving them. We will be the first to collect information, investigate, develop a solution and give our customers a satisfactory answer.
If you have any custom design requests, Welcome to contact us thru [email protected]

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