Moss faq

As far as the shelf life of GreenArtPlants moss wall supply is concerned, 3 years warranty is essential. While the preserved moss wall can last 5~8 years with care.
There are mainly density plates and felt.
Natural moss is screened, rinsed, dried, dehumidified, screened for the second time, colored, preserved, and softened in the factory, and finally screened for the third time when boxed for quality control.
Keep the moss dry and out of direct light as much as possible. It can be used normally between -20 degrees and 50 degrees temperature. When cleaning, you can use a hairdryer to remove the floating dust with cold air.
It can be judged by the height and size of the reindeer moss itself and the time of color fixation.
The height or rather the thickness and the density of the deer moss will affect its price. At the same time, the frame material and design of the frame moss products are also related to the cost.